Serious Coffee Talk

Some days ago I strolled around Vienna with my friends from Norway and we stumbled across that coffee place downtown.

Magic. Coffee. Art. Inspiration. Love. Aroma. Lingering. Taste.
This place has everything my coffee heart needs and …

“this is some serious Gourmet shit” (Jules in Pulp Fiction) –


We also headed to Cafe Ansari, a georgian cafe – restaurant that shines with its architecture and oriental menu. It´s situated in the 2nd district, in great walking distance to the Underground (U1). Awesome food, but slow service. Bring some patience with you or someone who´s able to entertain you.

cafe ansari slow service

Bonbons in Vienna


Every now and then I stumble across wonderful things in Vienna that I can´t wait to share.  Vienna´s  tradition of heavenly sweetness. Since over 70 years BONBONS Reimer  is selling sweets. From cake decor to chocolate.  Pure joy  is found in this lovely Zuckerlgeschäft (Austrian for candy store).

Enjoy the peak inside. I am enjoying my chocolate now.

bonbons3 bonbons4 bonbons5 bonbons6



bonbons8  collage1




AWesome MONSTERous ARTlove

Mail from home. This is something i truly enjoy! Being abroad, and having left loved ones behind creates more awareness of your beloved friends and family. Everytime a mailbox, postcard or letter arrives it brings so much joy into our house. Especially if the mail comes from someone who deeply cares and is a wonderful, inimitable artist as my beloved friend, aunt and my other half – Ulla.

This time I´d like to feature her new work. Her 7-year-old son Ian James was her inspiration this time. He loves little tiny monsters and has a blast drawing them … why not making them alive she thought and started her work with crafting little tag´s. I love my purple “Monsty” and hung it on my purse. The other one sits in my office and is my personal connection with her ….


When I received todays mail I was swept off my feet and immediately in love with my new YOGA bag that holds a sketch from my daughter. The second Yoga Bag featured is for my ABFF and shows one of Ian´s “Monsty” sketches.

Ulli Feature2




Love it? Want some too? Need a “Monsty”?  More information? Em@il her: 
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Until then, Bussi Babba



AWesome – Thursday I love about …. 

Almost 2 years ago as soon as we arrived in Nebraska I realized that acronyms and abbreviations are not only important in our new american daily life … (BYOB, ETA, RSVP, ASAP, e.g. …) but also a fun way to express HUSKER Football love or many other fun statements on your car´s license plate.  Here are some of the many AWesome impressions:

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Bussi Babba – and AV2 zan (auf wiedersehen)

more to come …

until then:


AWsome things I LOVE ABOUT …

mel´s own well being index – go nebraska go!

There are many reasons why I like being in Nebraska. Now. Although … trust me …. that has never crossed my mind before. In Austria there´s an expression, whenever you want to reinforce a sentence you might add: “from here to Nebraska” !

“you are the craziest person from here to Nebraska” …. that tells us? NEBRASKA is farrrrr away from Austria.

Even if I will automatically acknowlede one of many clichés about women and parking, let me share some random, unconventional things about Lincoln – Nebraska.

Lincoln is AWsome for Downtown parking spaces.

parking space downtown

Lincoln is AWsome for affordable Parkingmeter fines.

parking fine