I think I created MOMsters

its me

I think I created MOMsters.

My kids are 9, 7 and almost 5 years old.  I thought it will get easier with time passing and seeing them grow, but just this morning I realized one more time that I have 3 little monsters in my house that I´ve created.
Enjoy your day – with or without little monsters in your house! 🙂
the Momsters

My daughter always having her sensors out and listening to Katy Perry. The middle one has nothing else in his mind than soccer and never uses his hands. The little one is strong, smart and has always something to say.

3 monsters in the house

it´s a moment

it’s a moment

its only a moment

it’s a moment

full of life

melanie  d.-t.,  dec 2014

sharing some of my favorite moments of 2014

happy new year and all the best to all of you.


raindrops and the north

raindrops and the north



may 1st

May 1st celebration


la france


abbekas – sweden and legoland


denmark – sweet moments


germany – elbe fährt


loose tooth




romantic days in france




welcome – nebraska





paperwork and how to get rid of it ….

I’ve been talking to a friend about how we can’t focus on a project if the house isn’t clean, the laundry not finished or the dishes dirty.

Today I am trying to get all that paperwork done, that has been haunting me for weeks.

I need a clear desk, a clean kitchen and no laundry to be ready and open for other projects …. to let my mind flow. How can I find this place? …..

Only when I close my eyes.

Good night and stay awesome,

#dpp2014 #day10


sorting and thinking through

Three doctors appointments and some painkillers later….. I’m back.
Where does time go? It’s only my daughter and I who have been sick for the last couple days, but there was little to no time left for that moment of quiet to think about the day, the moments that are staying with you, the pictures taken, the sorting and the thinking about the day.
But still the daily has to be done… the dishes, the laundry, the mail, ….

Some days I do better, some days I don’t.

Today I am doing better, I’m sharing more than one picture. It’s about the last days. December 4th – 8th of the #dpp2014






the back of your wardrobe

It’s as simple as it looks … I ve turned the back of a wardrobe to another wall and my own creative space. See more of those big and little projects around our house today. I ve to admit that turning a house with 3 kids into a livable space is a full time job itself. When we moved back from the US we brought only our personal belongings and 2 rocking chairs with us. Looking for furniture, ordering, receiving , fixing, assembling, decorating, …this is all on my list.







shoes off! slippers on!


Christmas Shopping. Today I couldn’t resist to make a present to myself. Those comfy and adorable winter slippers. I thought they will warm up my day and fill my house with another pair of house slippers. Europeans, house slippers and their hardwood floors. That’s a story itself, I figured. Googling, I ve stumbled across some others that talked about the cultural difference of talking off your shoes whenever you enter someone’s house or apartment.

Yes, indeed I had to hold myself back to not shout out “ shoes off! “ everytime someone entered our home in Nebraska. I tried to even leave mine on, sometimes. I always felt a little sassy, though. Like a teenager that did something that Mom insisted me not to do.

wise mommies about cultural differences
expat in sweden and some fun shoeless party pictures

Today I felt simply comfortable being at home with my new slippers on.

Bussi Babba today!

PS: I joined the December Photo Project on Facebook. An open group that involves taking one photo each day for the first 25 days of December and posting them. See www.tredways.org/dpp for more information. Today I am sharing my house slippers.

relax. just another move.

I ll make it official now:

I´ve been busy like a crazy with our upcoming move!

Sorry, what ? Yes – we are moving …

Are we moving? Where are we moving? What are the circumstances? Where should we move to? What are our job opportunities? What will the kids say? How will they react? What school will they go to? What language should we speak? What will our neighbors say? (more on our lovely neighbors another day ) ….

That´s the kind of questions I had to deal with the last weeks. Now we´ve made that decision, grabbed the bull by the horn and

we are moving to Austria! 

I have a never ending list of things to take care and pay attention to.


I keep on running to get everything done …
When are we flying out? What city are we flying out? What are the best deals? Oh – there´s a passport expired. Getting all documents together. Oh, the next Austrian embassy is only a 10 hours drive away. Fine. I´ll do that to! How are we moving our personal goods? Again with cargo air? Oh, no – that doesn´t work this time. Are we taking our family van with us too? Yes … then let´s talk about a container. Getting quotes from different companies. Terminate Hulu, Netflix and Time Warner and not to forget the Health Insurance. Talking about that, all the kids have to get their check-up´s and new glasses. Some more things on my list. Where will we live? Looking for houses. Looking for schools. Who can host a family of 5 for the first days? Are we having a farewell party? Shall the kids invite all their friends to say good bye? … My list goes on and on and on ….. and that makes me feel overwhelmed, but today … I will just enjoy another day, like all the others, just being in Nebraska. The good life! 

Howdy – today!



AWesome MONSTERous ARTlove

Mail from home. This is something i truly enjoy! Being abroad, and having left loved ones behind creates more awareness of your beloved friends and family. Everytime a mailbox, postcard or letter arrives it brings so much joy into our house. Especially if the mail comes from someone who deeply cares and is a wonderful, inimitable artist as my beloved friend, aunt and my other half – Ulla.

This time I´d like to feature her new work. Her 7-year-old son Ian James was her inspiration this time. He loves little tiny monsters and has a blast drawing them … why not making them alive she thought and started her work with crafting little tag´s. I love my purple “Monsty” and hung it on my purse. The other one sits in my office and is my personal connection with her ….


When I received todays mail I was swept off my feet and immediately in love with my new YOGA bag that holds a sketch from my daughter. The second Yoga Bag featured is for my ABFF and shows one of Ian´s “Monsty” sketches.

Ulli Feature2




Love it? Want some too? Need a “Monsty”?  More information? Em@il her: ulla.banny@roomflow.at. 
and Follow me+ for another feature on Ulla´s  paintings the next time!

Until then, Bussi Babba


scottish wind in town

A good reason to dig through my closet and look for my 1999 Scotland Shirt. The boring 5 $ Tourist thing … you know that kind! Always carried with me, never wore it. A Shirt that´s like looking at old photos. Greenock is the place I used to live and work and where I met some of my dearest friends and my inner self.  Frightenend Rabbit a band from Glasgow played in Lincoln last night and although I´ve never heard anything from them before I was absolutely sure they´ll rock my world. Scottish Wind …..

Shirt Makeover

Yesterday´s concert at the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln was an AWesome show.  See one of their US Shows online …

My favorite song from yesterdays show …“Poke” 

…and what song is your AWesome FR song?

Poke at my iris,
why can’t I cry about this?
Maybe there is something that you know that I don’t.
We adopt brand new language,
communicate through pursed lips,
And you try not to put on any sexy clothes or graces.
I might never catch a mouse
and present it in my mouth,
To make you feel you’re with someone who deserves to be with you.
But there’s one thing we’ve got going
and it’s the only thing worth knowing,
It’s got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon.
Why won’t our love keel over as it chokes on a bone?
And we can mourn its passing
and then bury it in snow.
Or should we kick its cunt in
and watch as it dies from bleeding?
If you don’t want to be with me just say and I will go.Oooh

Well we can change our partners
this is a progressive dance but
Remember it was me who dragged you up to the sweaty floor.
Well this has been a reel
I’ve got shin-splints and a stitch from we,
But like a drunken night it’s the best bits that are coloured in.
You should look through some old photos,
I adored you in every one of those.
If someone took a picture of us now they’d need to be told,
That we had ever clung and tied
a navy knot with arms at night.
I’d say she was his sister but she doesn’t have his nose.
And now we’re unrelated and rid of all the shit we hated,
But I hate when I feel like this
and I never hated you.