the French connection

Coming back home from France with my youngest kid I am realizing once again what a great gift it is to have grandparents and family living abroad. As long as I can remember it has always been an adventure to visit my French family. My first flight as a 3 year old (yes, in the early 80’s) was from Vienna to Paris. Obviously things have changed since then, but it is still as exciting for me to see my grandparents waiting for me at the airport.

Having my little one with me, and seeing him diving into French culture and claiming only after 5 days that he’s half French made me happy. A peek into our days filled with laughter, joy, tears and dreams.















Au revoir et à bientôt,



a changing picture

it´s a picture in front of me that gets changed every day. nothing stays the same. i am standing right there. standing and moving at the same time. i am not the same. this is a journey through the seasons. I am ready for spring.

I am a very, very lucky person who´s able to enjoy this view almost on a daily basis. This is Burg Liechtenstein in Austria.

Good Morning

Good Morning

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A “Kaiserwetter” day

Yesterday morning we had “Kaiserwetter”. An expression for a magnificent, sunny day. Skip everything you wanted to do, put on your winter clothes and go take your family skiing or sledding. Only a 2 minutes drive for enough snow and a perfect view made my morning a fun and sweet one. The village Giesshübel is just a view miles south of Vienna. It´s situated at the Nationalpark “Föhrenberge” and one of my favorites spots in this area, no matter what season.

See you ´round! Servus & Baba,

the Austrian Walnut Project – Melanie

The seasons in Giesshübel / Lower Austria  – read more on Nationalpark Föhrenberge