NO! Don´t smile …. it´s a PASSPORT PHOTO!

I´ve had several moments this week that made me think of this recent post:

You might have asked yourself this already several times: Why are women with kids – so called “Mama´s”  always late?  Why are they never on time?  What kind of things keep them busy all day long? Why don´t they blog more often? (hmm – didn´t I say something about every other day or so!? )

Okay  –  here´s a simple task:

get a passport photo from a 3-year-old. A 3-year-old -that just turned 3- and literally thinks that he can now rule the world. His world.

After 25 minutes on his knees I felt sorry for the guy at Walgreens and went back home. Why should´nt I try it myself  ….. ???

See yourself:
 NOOOO - don´t smile

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