Serious Coffee Talk

Some days ago I strolled around Vienna with my friends from Norway and we stumbled across that coffee place downtown.

Magic. Coffee. Art. Inspiration. Love. Aroma. Lingering. Taste.
This place has everything my coffee heart needs and …

“this is some serious Gourmet shit” (Jules in Pulp Fiction) –


We also headed to Cafe Ansari, a georgian cafe – restaurant that shines with its architecture and oriental menu. It´s situated in the 2nd district, in great walking distance to the Underground (U1). Awesome food, but slow service. Bring some patience with you or someone who´s able to entertain you.

cafe ansari slow service

NO! Don´t smile …. it´s a PASSPORT PHOTO!

I´ve had several moments this week that made me think of this recent post:

You might have asked yourself this already several times: Why are women with kids – so called “Mama´s”  always late?  Why are they never on time?  What kind of things keep them busy all day long? Why don´t they blog more often? (hmm – didn´t I say something about every other day or so!? )

Okay  –  here´s a simple task:

get a passport photo from a 3-year-old. A 3-year-old -that just turned 3- and literally thinks that he can now rule the world. His world.

After 25 minutes on his knees I felt sorry for the guy at Walgreens and went back home. Why should´nt I try it myself  ….. ???

See yourself:
 NOOOO - don´t smile

I think I created MOMsters

its me

I think I created MOMsters.

My kids are 9, 7 and almost 5 years old.  I thought it will get easier with time passing and seeing them grow, but just this morning I realized one more time that I have 3 little monsters in my house that I´ve created.
Enjoy your day – with or without little monsters in your house! 🙂
the Momsters

My daughter always having her sensors out and listening to Katy Perry. The middle one has nothing else in his mind than soccer and never uses his hands. The little one is strong, smart and has always something to say.

3 monsters in the house

happy is who forgets ….

Everyone should feel comfortable in his own clothes while visiting an opera or theater. Okay, I think. Let´s look for a classical outfit. A nice, simple dress (I definitely don´t want to be overdressed) and my best jewelry.  I think that a visit to the opera or theater is not like going to the movies. My dress did not cost a fortune. To be honest I  bought it a year ago during sales for almost nothing. On an evening like this I want to feel special too. But what I see many times this evening makes me wonder. Sneakers at the opera? A simple shirt, paired with some jeans?

I wonder how I would have felt in sneakers and jeans in between people wearing evening dress and even a tail coat. For sure out of place.

After 3 hours of Johann Strauss´ „The Fledermaus“  I am happy and applauding to the singers, actors, the conductor and the orchestra and to everyone who´s been working to make this wonderful evening. What do I see? Others hurrying out to be the first ones at the wardrobe? The curtain is still up and singers, actors and ballet dancers from the Viennese opera still on stage?  I think it´s disrespectful to the actors, it´s disturbing to the other visitors. It´s not making any sense to me. But then I think:

“Happy is he who forgets, what can´t be changed anyway …. “

“Glücklich ist, wer vergisst, was doch nicht zu ändern ist” 

 J.Strauss II – die Fledermaus, Act I

Fledermaus Vienna happy is

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