pedal power at the christmas market

Because it’s Christmas and time’s running … I am sharing something that I’ve discovered last Christmas:

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Christmas lights, wooden huts, old churches, …. the smell of mulled wine. It´s been 3 years since I treated myself with a hot Glühwein (mulled wine) at one of the many christmas markets around Vienna. I ve hosted one of a kind christmas market party in Nebraska last christmas and made 15 litre punsch for my friends and neighbors. Lovely, but I don´t know if I could transport the feeling of that tradition over the ocean.

It is simply magnificent, beautiful and delicious. I can´t get around all those treats. Cream cups for example.

My AWesome find for this week though is that healthy pedal powered carousel at Karlsplatz Christmas market in Vienna.
Artists from Theater Mowetz in Vienna built the merry-go-round out of flea market finds and trash.

Don´t you just wanna be a child and moan:”mommy, mommy pleeeeaaaaassssseeee







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