it´s a moment

it’s a moment

its only a moment

it’s a moment

full of life

melanie  d.-t.,  dec 2014

sharing some of my favorite moments of 2014

happy new year and all the best to all of you.


raindrops and the north

raindrops and the north



may 1st

May 1st celebration


la france


abbekas – sweden and legoland


denmark – sweet moments


germany – elbe fährt


loose tooth




romantic days in france




welcome – nebraska






it does make sense – trust your instincts

Aren´t you sad too that this time of the year is over again? It seems like I just lit the first candle of our advent wreath, and now I am already thinking of cleaning up.

I had little to no access to my MacBook the last days and to be honest, I did´t feel like it either. I needed to rest and open my eyes to a new day and simply drink coffee while writing my personal morning pages. I just started writing again after I had not done so for a while. I want to feel more, not less. It´s a time commitment that I sometimes just can´t afford. But today I knew I wanted to nurture myself with something I like to do. Blogging is one thing that intrigues me. There are definitely days where I´ve  been critiquing myself for taking away that time and thinking that it doesn´t make any sense. Today I know whether it makes sense or not I am willing to create something. I am willing to share  some of my thoughts and photos I´ve taken the last days before Christmas as part of the December Photo Project.

Whenever you doubt that writing down your thoughts, inspirations or ideas is the right thing to do, then simply do it. Trust your instincts. You are taking care of yourself that way, and with that said, you´ve done the right thing.

Wishing all of you happy days with your loved ones and a happy new year 2015!

christmas moments  – december 16 th until december 24th 
DPP 2014 by #dpp2014
december 24th - the christkind
the view. the one and only

smoking chimney


its getting cold


Grossarltal in Salzburg, where we spend some days before Christmas. How lucky.

mountain christmas market

This mountain christmas market is one of the places you want to be during christmas time. Perfect. Sweet. Lovely. Unique. For more impressions of that spot in Austria read more: pure as water


Christmas singers
On the way
It´s me. Enjoying that moment.

It´s me. Enjoying that moment.

pedal power at the christmas market

Because it’s Christmas and time’s running … I am sharing something that I’ve discovered last Christmas:

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Christmas lights, wooden huts, old churches, …. the smell of mulled wine. It´s been 3 years since I treated myself with a hot Glühwein (mulled wine) at one of the many christmas markets around Vienna. I ve hosted one of a kind christmas market party in Nebraska last christmas and made 15 litre punsch for my friends and neighbors. Lovely, but I don´t know if I could transport the feeling of that tradition over the ocean.

It is simply magnificent, beautiful and delicious. I can´t get around all those treats. Cream cups for example.

My AWesome find for this week though is that healthy pedal powered carousel at Karlsplatz Christmas market in Vienna.
Artists from Theater Mowetz in Vienna built the merry-go-round out of flea market finds and trash.

Don´t you just wanna be a child and moan:”mommy, mommy pleeeeaaaaassssseeee






paperwork and how to get rid of it ….

I’ve been talking to a friend about how we can’t focus on a project if the house isn’t clean, the laundry not finished or the dishes dirty.

Today I am trying to get all that paperwork done, that has been haunting me for weeks.

I need a clear desk, a clean kitchen and no laundry to be ready and open for other projects …. to let my mind flow. How can I find this place? …..

Only when I close my eyes.

Good night and stay awesome,

#dpp2014 #day10


sorting and thinking through

Three doctors appointments and some painkillers later….. I’m back.
Where does time go? It’s only my daughter and I who have been sick for the last couple days, but there was little to no time left for that moment of quiet to think about the day, the moments that are staying with you, the pictures taken, the sorting and the thinking about the day.
But still the daily has to be done… the dishes, the laundry, the mail, ….

Some days I do better, some days I don’t.

Today I am doing better, I’m sharing more than one picture. It’s about the last days. December 4th – 8th of the #dpp2014






Did leaving home change you?

After an endless summer it seemed that I had finally arrived at home in Austria … until I visited Nebraska this fall.

Not only was it great to be back, it made me realize how much I’ve been missing that place in the Midwest.

I haven’t been writing for a while, …. it just didn’t feel right. Reconnecting does take time and patience. I needed time to understand:

Although I would have never expected so,

I am still connected with Nebraska.

( I’m taking part in the DPP 2014 by #dpp2014 Day 1: Photo of the day: homemade Banana walnut bread on a Nebraska cutting board on December 1st 2014 – I love baking during Christmas time)