watch this spectacle again and again


Next week we are heading to France, where part of my family comes from. I ve visited my family last August after our return from the States. It has been an unforgettable weekend, that I was so thankful for to experience.

I visited the City of Chartres for the first time, as my cousin has settled there the last year and I couldn’t have asked for a better moment to return to France. In the midst of the night we arrived downtown and the first thing I saw was the illuminated cathedral of Chartres. I could sit there the whole night and watch this spectacle again and again.

Chapeau et à bientôt!

Chartres en lumières

See a teaser for this magnificent event on YouTube: Chartres at night





throwing pebbles and how this makes you happy


When did you last time throw pebbles into water?

Last weekend we went on a little adventure with our kids and went to the Myra Falls in Lower Austria.
There are more than 60 footbridges along the path which makes the hike easy and enjoyable for the kids.
We ve had a lovely rest after walking for 3 hours at the Gasthof Karnerwirt and had some traditional coffee Melange and Somlauer Nockerln. Sweet life! Seeing my kids roam and jump around, throwing pebbles and being exhausted at night, makes me feel complete. Love nature.








see more about the myra falls:


wild ride in South Dakota



001 native american -  the people of the big voice

Talking to friends and family I got asked about our favourite moments in the US a lot.  This is my first post on my top 10+1 moments in the US and it is about time to write about my first experienced culture shock and how it turned out to be an unique experience. We arrived in the midst of an humid and hot month of July. After our first couple of days in Nebraska, my husband appeared out of nowhere with the idea to drive to the Badlands over the weekend. Promptly we packed our things and our 3 kids into our newly bought family van and drove up to South Dakota.  What a contrary experience to drive along those Interstates and Highways. Yes, indeed we got borred after several hours of driving and stopped somewhere along Sioux Falls. Running inside Walmarts and there it was that insecure, unpleasant and lonesome feeling that suddenly stroke me. Sitting inside Walmarts, feeding my kids at McDonalds. Culture Shock.

002 he was happy1


I had to leave and simply keep on driving and adjust to my new surroundings. I realized that I am far from what I called home. We hit I90 and there was this picture infront of me that many of Europeans most likely have in mind when thinking about the Midwest. We ran into famous Sturgis Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally.  What a neat experience. Our car ride turned out to be a lot more fun looking at all those Harley´s and it´s creative owners!  




By the time we stopped at the Badlands Nationalpark my breath was finally taken away and I ve starred at something that seemed a diffrent world.


It was truly beautiful and turned out to be one of my favourite moments in the US. Breathtaking! I arrived. 


005 Badlands1



5 Walnuts for: the famous pit stop: WALL DRUG STORE – read more about it here!


5 Walnuts for the Crazy Horse Monument, located in the Black Hills in South Dakota . It is gigantic and Crazy Horse´s head is bigger than it´s “little neighbor” Mount Rushmore. An amazing story and great exhibition!

WALL pit stopWALL drug storecrazy horse