awesome awakening

my awesome dwarf

We sometimes tend not to see what is around us. I ve been more calm lately. I am looking around me, for the little details. Spring is awakening in the unique aera I am living in Austria. I am surronded by the Naturpark Föhrenberge which is a hilly, wooded aera just outside of Vienna and named after it´s “Föhren” – the umbrella shaped black pines. I am literally trapped in between fortresses, castles and the remaining ruins of the 11th century. Another wonderful thing about the south of Vienna are the gentle meadows and the vineyards. Lower Austria has a great reputation of good wines and if you think about visiting Vienna, you should definitly consider to visit Vienna´s big neighbor. Every now and then I start walking without a destination in my head and as a result I mostly get surprised with wonderful views and sights …. see yourself:

shots taken at Naturpark Föhrenberge, Burg Mödling, Rauchkogel, Matterhörndl and my backyard …

enjoy and stay awake today!



Burg Mödling

Burg Mödling

the view to the Husarentempel

the view to the Husarentempel






Föhre - umbrella shaped pines

Föhre – umbrella shaped pines



Matterhörndl – walk through it! Lucky girl ….


just a break

Rauchkogel in Maria Enzersdorf

Rauchkogel in Maria Enzersdorf

slow down

slow down

another castle view

another castle view



the back of your wardrobe

It’s as simple as it looks … I ve turned the back of a wardrobe to another wall and my own creative space. See more of those big and little projects around our house today. I ve to admit that turning a house with 3 kids into a livable space is a full time job itself. When we moved back from the US we brought only our personal belongings and 2 rocking chairs with us. Looking for furniture, ordering, receiving , fixing, assembling, decorating, …this is all on my list.







Bonbons in Vienna


Every now and then I stumble across wonderful things in Vienna that I can´t wait to share.  Vienna´s  tradition of heavenly sweetness. Since over 70 years BONBONS Reimer  is selling sweets. From cake decor to chocolate.  Pure joy  is found in this lovely Zuckerlgeschäft (Austrian for candy store).

Enjoy the peak inside. I am enjoying my chocolate now.

bonbons3 bonbons4 bonbons5 bonbons6



bonbons8  collage1