made in austria makes you happy plus a candle

I am a coffee person. Every morning the same procedure. Coffee before I am available. Coffee before I think. Coffee. Elixir.

Around 3 p.m. in the afternoon the same thing. Coffee and cake. Indeed very Austrian I would say. Kaffee Jause.

Today I made it through the afternoon without my coffee. Drinking chocolate from Zotter instead.

Zotter Chocolate manufacturer is well known far beyond its borders for the organic, fair-trade and hand-scooped chocolate produced in Austria.

For a lovely, restful, thankful, peaceful and happy Sunday I made some Zotter Drinking Chocolate. The time it takes, and the love for chocolate is what makes this a wonderful ceremony. I am taking my first sip that causes to release many neurotransmitters. I am happy.

Zotter Drinking Chocolate comes in many different variations (BitterClassic, RichAlmond, India Masala, Hot Turmeric, Pumpkin Seed Nougat, White Vanilla, …. and many more). It definitely will make you afternoon a sweet experience.

With this and some handmade Vanillekipferl we celebrated todays first advent. Made in Austria made us happy.









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