shoes off! slippers on!


Christmas Shopping. Today I couldn’t resist to make a present to myself. Those comfy and adorable winter slippers. I thought they will warm up my day and fill my house with another pair of house slippers. Europeans, house slippers and their hardwood floors. That’s a story itself, I figured. Googling, I ve stumbled across some others that talked about the cultural difference of talking off your shoes whenever you enter someone’s house or apartment.

Yes, indeed I had to hold myself back to not shout out “ shoes off! “ everytime someone entered our home in Nebraska. I tried to even leave mine on, sometimes. I always felt a little sassy, though. Like a teenager that did something that Mom insisted me not to do.

wise mommies about cultural differences
expat in sweden and some fun shoeless party pictures

Today I felt simply comfortable being at home with my new slippers on.

Bussi Babba today!

PS: I joined the December Photo Project on Facebook. An open group that involves taking one photo each day for the first 25 days of December and posting them. See for more information. Today I am sharing my house slippers.


made in austria makes you happy plus a candle

I am a coffee person. Every morning the same procedure. Coffee before I am available. Coffee before I think. Coffee. Elixir.

Around 3 p.m. in the afternoon the same thing. Coffee and cake. Indeed very Austrian I would say. Kaffee Jause.

Today I made it through the afternoon without my coffee. Drinking chocolate from Zotter instead.

Zotter Chocolate manufacturer is well known far beyond its borders for the organic, fair-trade and hand-scooped chocolate produced in Austria.

For a lovely, restful, thankful, peaceful and happy Sunday I made some Zotter Drinking Chocolate. The time it takes, and the love for chocolate is what makes this a wonderful ceremony. I am taking my first sip that causes to release many neurotransmitters. I am happy.

Zotter Drinking Chocolate comes in many different variations (BitterClassic, RichAlmond, India Masala, Hot Turmeric, Pumpkin Seed Nougat, White Vanilla, …. and many more). It definitely will make you afternoon a sweet experience.

With this and some handmade Vanillekipferl we celebrated todays first advent. Made in Austria made us happy.