landing on my feet plus some music


What does it mean to move back home? I thought moving back home would be easy. Moving back home should be just fine. It´s the place I grew up. It´s simple. It´s home. What if it´s not simple? Now – 5 months later – it´s the first time since we are back in Austria that I am feeling myself again. I ve had time to listen to music today. Drank a cup of tea and listened to Dean Martin in the background (yes, the closer we get to December it´s always time for some Dean Martin in the house). It has been foggy all morning and I am sitting here and wonder how lucky I am to have such an amazing view.


Yes, don´t get me wrong. I love being here too. I missed my friends and my family so terribly. I can´t wait to drink my first Punsch  at the christmas market and overall it is simply VIENNA. It´s Austria!

I am just landing on my feet

HeLLo! I am back home. ARRIVING!


10 + 1 AWEsome MUSIC for a gloomy November day:

Click the link below to listen to the playlist landing on my feet – november 2013 on Spotify:

NOT SO ALONE? here are some other perspectives on coming back home: 



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