random awesomeness, a birthday and oasis of gemütlichkeit

Date night, coffee with friends or simply sightseeing with our Au Pair who just arrived from the US. I am inhaling the smell of Vienna. Smoke everywhere! What is it that folks in Vienna smoke everywhere and anytime? I ve smoked myself. I ve smoked even on flights! ( Yes, my husband can’t believe this but when I was 18 and flew to Paris smoking was still allowed on flights … And don’t even guess that I am old ! I am a 30’something girl … and calling myself a girl, that should tell you that I am not that old to have smoked on a flight trip or in trains! )

I am enjoying all those little differences and that makes coming home so interesting.

Gemütlichkeit and the old Viennese cafe culture heritage is what I am loving. This is pure joy.


…. I am enjoying every day in AWesome Vienna and hope that this will last for a long time …..

Some simple views of Vienna through my eyes.

Bussi Babba … as always









One thought on “random awesomeness, a birthday and oasis of gemütlichkeit

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