longing for fall

(Burg Liechtenstein, Niederösterreich …. the perfect morning)

Finally ….
the summer’s over. My kids are back to school and after only 5 days my daughter has been already out of school with a terrible cold. That’s happening when you long for some routine after the longest summer my kiddos will probably ever have. They had their last day of school on May 22nd in Lincoln, Nebraska and just returned on September 2nd here in Austria. Wow. In between all our moving craziness and settling back to Europe we welcomed our Au Pair from Nebraska in August. Another journey we have taken on.

It’s only since the end of August that we moved into our new home a few miles from Vienna and only since a week that I am having internet connection. Finally arriving, although a lot of work ahead of us.

Summer and our returning has kept me busy from dusk till late night. Some of our moments captured through our summer I am sharing now and later this week with you …. while longing for some routine, a relaxing bath with a LUSH bomb, some freshly brewed coffee and a lovely fall.

Bussi Babba & until the next time