roller coaster of emotions


Not only days, weeks have been flying by without sitting down once and reflecting on everything that has happened. The last weeks have been an emotional roller coaster…. Our journey from Lincoln, Nebraska back home to Austria. Our first hours in Austria, the first time in Vienna, ….

Some days feel like I have never been away and some others everything seems to be different ….

I have grown out of an unbelievable, unexpected wonderful experience. I love Austria, and I miss Nebraska!

What happened the last weeks? In short: we traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to visit our friends. We spent two days there, before we headed towards Chicago to stay another three nights downtown. my reviews and shots here:

Colorful Madison 
great Chicago (coming soon!)
Nebraska – Burgenland (coming soon!)
Vienna (coming soon!)

Unfortunately our flight got cancelled after seven hours of waiting and so were 150 other flights that night rescheduled because of a terrible thunderstorm. All hotels were booked out and there was nothing else left then camping beds! We somehow made it to Austria 28 hours later than expected. . Without the great Chicago children’s museum play area we would not have made it through the time!

Back home I felt a couple of days not capable of being myself. Nonetheless I worked on getting my family back into a rhythm, visited friends, ate Schnitzl, and fulfilled all those things that come with a move … (insurance, paperwork, ….) and keeping up with theaustrianwalnutproject. Follow me for more photos of Austria and its beauty on Instagram!






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