Garage Sale culture

Garage Sale

Garage Sale culture is AWesome. It is easy, convenient,  practical and a lot of fun. During our last days in Austria 2 years ago, we tried desperately to sell our almost entire household goods within 3 weekends, but my experience was that people were more irritated about the reason for our huge sale then anything else …

In a couple of days we are having ourselves another Garage Sale here in Nebraska, and I am curious to see the difference.

There´s nothing you can´t find on a Garage Sale Weekend. There a lot of things you might not want to use though, but their are also lot of things that are unique and have maybe something to tell. “call information if you want the damn phone no.”

something to tell

Nebraska´s biggest Garage Sale:  Last fall I ve been even traveling out to the Sandhills Byway to shop around Nebraska´s Junk Jaunt. Almost 500 miles of Garage Sale, collectibles, vintage and other fun things. Not only I got to shop for great things (like an old Radio Flyer wagon), I also got to see a Dust Devil … (a whirlwind). The Junk Jaunt is a great way to experience Nebraska.

Junk Jaunt

Now I got to prepare for my own Garage Sale.




One thought on “Garage Sale culture

  1. I remember my “Emergency Sale” of stuff back in Germany right before I moved to North Carolina. I’ll have to visit this 500 mile garage sale next time I’m in Nebraska 🙂

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