Wiener Blut – 10 and 1 on top

Got home from a dinner last night with my lovely neighbors and friends from the “street” and had to think about two questions:


I have been so busy with planning our move, and being to melancholic about leaving Nebraska that it never crossed my mind until now, to think about what I am going to do first in Vienna – here are my first random thoughts (more to come – I am pretty sure):

  • I think about FOOD right away. Extra-Wurst-Semmer´l and some real dark bread.
  • a typical warm summer night, eating ice cream and strolling around the 1st district with all those historical landmarks and end up at the MuseumsQuartier with all of my friends.
  • surprising my husband – once more – with a romantic picnic on a rental boat at the “old danube” including sunset and mosquitos!Vienna Danube Picnic
  • going to a fully packed, totally sold out movie theatre (have you seen my Instagram with my husband sitting alone at the movie here in Nebraska?)
  • roam around NEUBAUgasse and looking for new spots in town. Taking a picture in front of our old apartment.
  • riding the tramway and listening carefully to the announcement … “Endstation Hietzing, umsteigen zu den Linien U4, 60,  bitte alle aussteigen”. waiting for the "bim"
  • taking the kids to the “böhmische Prater” (amusement park from the late 1880´s) and riding the “Raupe” and my favorite marry-go-round.
  • a night out dancing and eating a “Käsekrainer” at 3am at one of the remarkable Würstlstand (Hot Dog Stands). Süss oder scharf?
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee … every authentic coffee house from Diglas, to Prückel, to Sperl, everywhere – for sure not at Starbucks.
  • promenade along the crowded “Naschmarkt” – Fleamarket and looking for some finds and chocolate at ZOTTER.
  • sitting on a blanket at the city hall square, drinking a glass of wine, and listening to classical music. Hello Vienna.

Bussi Baba




5 thoughts on “Wiener Blut – 10 and 1 on top

  1. You’ll be shocked to find that the guy who used to do the announcement on the trams and subways has retired, and the voice is now a female one! 😉 The old voice is still on many trams and buses though. Just the subway that is fully updated by now.

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