s t o p – and enjoy a day in Nebraska

Packing, sorting, emails, calls … STOP … right here and enjoy a day out in Nebraska, was my thought. It wasn´t sunny, but it wasn´t raining either. So my husband and I went to Omaha for a day. Strolling around and drinking coffee together. Spending a lot of time in one of my favourite Antique stores in Omaha – the Fairmont Antique – negotiating about a piece that I fell in love with. I´ll write more about that unique piece another day. And we couldn´t resist the Fairmont Antique Diner and some Elvis Presley from the Jukebox…before we headed to a fun Bowling evening with our friends.

Today we are heading back to Omaha. Our car needs to be checked, before it get´s on the road and meets us back in Austria. I am excited that we take our super huge Family Van with us. I just wish I could keep my Nebraska plate.

Howdy today. (another Nebraska plate I ve seen on our way to Omaha – I even more wish I could have that one): Howdy in Nebraska

Howdy in Nebraska

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