relax. just another move.

I ll make it official now:

I´ve been busy like a crazy with our upcoming move!

Sorry, what ? Yes – we are moving …

Are we moving? Where are we moving? What are the circumstances? Where should we move to? What are our job opportunities? What will the kids say? How will they react? What school will they go to? What language should we speak? What will our neighbors say? (more on our lovely neighbors another day ) ….

That´s the kind of questions I had to deal with the last weeks. Now we´ve made that decision, grabbed the bull by the horn and

we are moving to Austria! 

I have a never ending list of things to take care and pay attention to.


I keep on running to get everything done …
When are we flying out? What city are we flying out? What are the best deals? Oh – there´s a passport expired. Getting all documents together. Oh, the next Austrian embassy is only a 10 hours drive away. Fine. I´ll do that to! How are we moving our personal goods? Again with cargo air? Oh, no – that doesn´t work this time. Are we taking our family van with us too? Yes … then let´s talk about a container. Getting quotes from different companies. Terminate Hulu, Netflix and Time Warner and not to forget the Health Insurance. Talking about that, all the kids have to get their check-up´s and new glasses. Some more things on my list. Where will we live? Looking for houses. Looking for schools. Who can host a family of 5 for the first days? Are we having a farewell party? Shall the kids invite all their friends to say good bye? … My list goes on and on and on ….. and that makes me feel overwhelmed, but today … I will just enjoy another day, like all the others, just being in Nebraska. The good life! 

Howdy – today!




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