“How are you today?” – A lovely neighborhood

collage fallWe moved from a nice neighborhood in Austria to Nebraska two years ago. No expectations and not knowing what to expect. I´ve seen pictures of typical condos / townhouses and  just asked for a basement, because I was anxious to live in the so-called Tornado Valley and then:

 I ve landed in my personal TV show setting, that is real though!

As soon as we moved into our house there were neighbors knocking on our doors, smiling and bringing a plate of homemade cookies or brownies. Offering their help at any time.

Somedays I would look out of the window and watch my always friendly, never grumpy neighbors talking to each other and I was wondering if they were real.

“Hi. How are you today?”  Were I am from, it is in general not common at all to be friendly at first sight to folks you don´t know and you usually don´t offer your help …  but if people offer you help, then you really question the reason first. Skeptical. Always. This is in my blood. “Have a good one”.



Without knowing our neighbors well, we got invitations to their birthday parties, pumpkin carving celebrations, election parties and simply “let´s get together for coffee and cake” invite´s. They invited us into their houses, let our 3 kids play in their yards, and shared their babysitters phone numbers with us. They play pool or cards together, love to drink wine as soon as the kids are in bed, sell girl-scouts-cookies and block the street and get grill´s out for the annual neighborhood block party.

collage partyThis street celebrates every single day and especially every holiday. Christmas is magical, with all the lights that are set up and luminaries burning. Hundreds of cars driving through the street. Bumper on bumper on Christmas Eve. Yes, even Limousines and buses came through this year.

Halloween is far away from a nightmare. It is a movie like initiation. Perfectly well decorated and tastefully dressed up.

We could never had a better experience arriving in a country that you think to know out of Hollywood movies. If the perfect neighborhood movie setting was created somewhere, then it must have been here ….

I am sitting on the porch, on my rockin´chair. Finally spring has arrived, kids playing on the street, cats strolling around, neighbors raking, mowing the lawn, chit-chatting, lurking behind their windows, not wanting to miss anything, ….

Grateful that I didn´t miss that Nebraskan experience.

Get a peek and see this lovely, old Neighborhood all year round´.

Until then – “have a good one”,



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