AWesome MONSTERous ARTlove

Mail from home. This is something i truly enjoy! Being abroad, and having left loved ones behind creates more awareness of your beloved friends and family. Everytime a mailbox, postcard or letter arrives it brings so much joy into our house. Especially if the mail comes from someone who deeply cares and is a wonderful, inimitable artist as my beloved friend, aunt and my other half – Ulla.

This time I´d like to feature her new work. Her 7-year-old son Ian James was her inspiration this time. He loves little tiny monsters and has a blast drawing them … why not making them alive she thought and started her work with crafting little tag´s. I love my purple “Monsty” and hung it on my purse. The other one sits in my office and is my personal connection with her ….


When I received todays mail I was swept off my feet and immediately in love with my new YOGA bag that holds a sketch from my daughter. The second Yoga Bag featured is for my ABFF and shows one of Ian´s “Monsty” sketches.

Ulli Feature2




Love it? Want some too? Need a “Monsty”?  More information? Em@il her: 
and Follow me+ for another feature on Ulla´s  paintings the next time!

Until then, Bussi Babba



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