William is back.

May I introduce you to William Wilson. He has been missing for several years and finally made it to Nebraska. I´ve found him in front of a Saloon in Lincoln. 
My former Travel-Buddy. Who always made us have special arrangements …  traveling with  a low-cost Airline and getting a seat right away (Priority check in for a bear!)  or the best place in a busy restaurant. William made friends everywhere we traveled too.Then … all of a sudden …  I got pregnant and gave birth to my wonderful daughter 7 years ago. Travelling with William  without an entire household was clearly impossible …  he decided to leave. 
Why there was no space for William anymore?
diapers, a huge amount of pacifiers ( in each bag at least one extra ), pad to put under your baby to change diapers, blankets, plastic bags! (for anything … that could happen), diaper rash cream, wipes, tissues, changing-clothes, socks, favorite toy to keep busy, favorite stuffed animal, teething medicine, and all other medicines you might need … and you want them always on hand with your baby, especially traveling on a plane,  individual packets of powdered formula, bibs,  hot water, cold water (already tired of my list? … hold on – there´s more to come!) front carrier or baby wrap, collapsible stroller and if traveling by car don´t forget the car seat, toys, and the portable crib ….  Stressed? Never mind, you´ll never leave on time anyway! 
William is Scottish. Proud. Fun and simple. A bear.  He loves to sneak out and get some food at night. Of course he loves to travel.  He had a serious accident while hiking through Scotland but I´ll tell you more another day about COYOTE & WILLIAM. 

Until then …  enjoy some of my favorite pictures from and with William in Scotland.

Bussi Babba

… On some days I need cheerful and craziness in my already crazy life. Thank you William …  
William in Edinburgh

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