U-Bahn in Vienna vs. John Deere in Nebraska


at least I grew up in a city. In Vienna, Austria. Let´s say I have spent most of my days in Vienna.

Tramways, riding buses, waiting for the next “U-Bahn” underground, shopping, riding bikes along the “Donau“, crossing busy streets, going to the park around the corner, getting angry at Vienna´s dog owners, drinking “Melange” , strolling around the famous “Schloss Schönbrunn” , hanging out at the “MQ“, listening and watching opera in front of the “Rathaus“, dancing at the “Volksgarten“, and eating Schnitzel on Sundays.
city girl
And now? I am in Nebraska. N E B R A S K A.
All I knew about Nebraska was that it has obviously a lot of corn. Still I couldn´t believe how much corn that means and how tiring it felt driving through Iowa and Nebraska. I80. That means. Corn. I80. Trucks. I80. Corn.
Driving for several hours without finding a place of “interest”, whether it is a castle, a shopping mall or a nice old town with tiny little cafe´s – that was something new to me…..
I didn´t know what to do with that wide land and nothing to see ….
at the farm
Today I see Nebraska a little different. Peaceful. Quiet. I feel sincere love for the farming land, the wide and open space. The sky. The stories. The people especially.
I ve gotten to known those tiny little things, whether it is an opossum living in a shed, the taste of homemade Angel´s cake, the sound of the Tornado sirens, wonderful bluestem grass, turkey vultures flying above our house, hayrack rides with an old John Deere or the knowledge of legendary Tom Osborne and the Huskers … I ve gotten to known those tiny little things that matter …
Get a taste of some lovely days here in Nebraska. A day at the farm with some dear friends and a morning walk with my 3 crazy but lovely little ones at one of my favorite places here in Nebraska to refuel, to connect, to simply walk and enjoy those sunbaked yellow hills and that open wide space I now truly love. Audobon Spring Creek Prairie Center in Denton, Nebraska / is worth a stop! Explore the Prairie with their unique Discovery Packs (assortment of tools such as magnifying lenses, binoculars, journals, …) and look out for traces of history and wildlife.
Bussi Babba – Melanie
PS: Did I really forget to mention I80´s Truck stop? The world largest Truck store ….. that´s THE place to see on I80!!
I 80 stop

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