Elvis, look at the bird!

What else is there to share about Memphis and a Road Trip? A must-see visit in Memphis is of course Elvis Presley´s Graceland.  Yes and I admit – I kinda like things like that.  I wouldn´t book a flight from Europe to visit Graceland, but going on a 5 days trip cross country with your friend to see Graceland and all the Exhibitions is a good reason for a trip. Even more if you get to drink a lot of good coffee …

look at the bird!

Elvis, look at the bird!

The snowstorm made us going back through Arkansas instead of visiting St. Louis. I got rewarded though with a delicious and highly recommended lunch at Grünauer´s in Kansas City instead. A bit of Austria in KC. I loved my “Frittatensuppe” and the “Topfentorte” with “Melange” ….

AWesome things I´ve taken with me  …

If McDonald’s tastes good, then you are really hungry. Nebraska has corn and Austria cigarettes. The Ozark´s and the Hillbillies are now on my list and I do love Polka Dots and Stripes … 


Haven´t heard of the Beverly Hillbillies yet?


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