Booking your Hotel online can be helpful, if you are on a low budget … we all know that already!  But what happens if something goes wrong with your online reservation?  Arriving at night in Memphis Downtown and all the Hotels are totally booked out.  45 minutes of waiting at the front desk, wondering what is going to happen, being absolutely exhausted and irritated.  Awesome!!! What?

Because at the end we get free dinner, free valet parking for 2 nights and free 3 day pass for the Trolley in Memphis with a Jamaican smile. Oh, didn´t I mention the Executive Floor and the 2 Double Bed Room.

Lucky girls in Memphis, Tennessee.

a delightful trip around downtown.

a delightful trip around downtown.

Although sometimes Memphis felt dusty and lonesome, we found unique places full of intriguing characters, southern charm and history. One of my favorite finds has been the ARCADE, credited one of the oldest restaurants in Memphis. This family owned diner opened in 1919. “Walk the Line” and “21 Grams” are only a few movies that were filmed in the Arcade. Even though it has been one of the touristy spots in town, the coffee was just like it had to be …… simply coffee and refilled for free.

blues town

blues town

Follow me and refill for free ….

more from that AWesome Trip the next days!
Bussi Baba,



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