imageI am ….  a 30something living-room dancing queen, coffee loving,  and thrift-store shopping Austrian who just came back home from an incredible 2 years stay in the heartland of the US …  TV Series & Chocolate Junkie,  traveller, Scotland-lover,  Yogi, Doula, a Vienna lover and Paris explorer,  IKEA addict, loving friend and wife, Mom of 3 lil´ones and on my way to be a children´s book author and blogger.

The Austrian Walnut Project – is the AWesome (sometimes AWesome or maybe even AWful) experiment about my Austro-Nebraskan lifestyle, finds, travels, ideas, inspiration, family & about me.

Bussi Babba (the ultimate Austrian expression) 

the AW Melanie


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Small world. This is Shannon Beal (Mrs. Beal) from Dimensions. I have had the privilege of teaching and getting to know BOTH Joshua and Lawrence. I also go to Redeemer with Tara and Sommer. I am sad to see your family go but would love to keep in contact to see what is in store for you guys. I have really enjoyed working with your boys. Good luck to your family as you move. God has big plans for you all. Shannon

    • Shannon, I ve just said my first “good bye´s” to some of the Dimensions teachers today and I was crying and so sad on my way home. We have been so blessed with everything we have experienced, our kids have blossomed during our stay here in Nebraska and we will miss all those wonderful friends, neighbors, teachers, acquaintances and everyone who was part of our daily life here in Lincoln a lot. Keep in touch – and keep on reading and posting too 🙂 All the best, Melanie.

  2. Very nice to read about your positive experience you and your family made in Lincoln, NE.
    I had relatives in Omaha (sister of my mother) and in some rare case, we drove over to Lincoln.
    I also have relatives in Vienna, but most moved out to the suburb of Eichgraben. Both of my cousins in Austria were teachers.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You didn’t happen to have any advice on sights to see in Nebraska? What part of the US were you living in?

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